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Thank you very much, I’m very happy with the 2014 Ford F-150 XLT Crew Cab with 60,000 authentic miles. Good Job young man ??

Alix Jeanty

Thank you! Helping me find 2012 BMW 5 Series. Clean ride at wholesale price. These guys can help with financing!

Ricardo Davis

Thanks, Ready for your service and helping us finance 2015 Nissan pathfinder. check out highly recommended.

Scarlett Galo

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Benefits of Auto Transportation Services

When moving to a different state, you may need to drive for long hours, and this may take up to days. Besides taking up valuable time you could be using on settling into your new house and neighborhood, many issues can pop up along the way that can be averted by using an auto transportation service.Many vehicles face mechanical problems when driven over long distances, which may even lead to a complete breakdown. This is not to mention all the gas you will be paying for, which can add up to more than what you would pay for shipping services! Unexpected weather conditions can delay your journey further and pile up costs for any repair work that needs to be done consequently. All these problems are eliminated when you engage an auto transportation service as your car is parked safely into a truck and delivered to your new home in one piece, saving you mileage and any wear and tear that comes with a long drive!

Furthermore, auto transportation companies have an acquired knowledge of the best and easiest route to take, saving you the time and hassle you would have taken to figure it out. With trained and professional drivers, auto transportation services are equipped with the skills to transport your car to its destination at the most economical rates. On top of that, the service comes with insurance, giving you piece of mind regarding the safety of your car. Therefore, auto transportation companies usually carry out a thorough check on your car prior to transportation: they are only liable for any damages that occur during the transportation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know how we are doing and what we can do to improve. we really do read your comments and suggestions. they form the foundation.

Your car will be placed on a reliable and secure carrier, which varies according to the type of auto transportation service you have requested. Car Geeks has access to two-tiered open car carriers that can accommodate up to 10 vehicles at once. If you have purchased a valuable, classic, exotic, or custom car, you can opt for our enclosed car carriers to avoid exposure to inclement weather and road conditions.

Car Geeks strives to deliver your car to a location that’s as close to your place of residence as physically possible. It is important to note that certain communities, towns, and cities prohibit large trucks from entering residential areas. If you live in an area that is restricted by overhanging trees, electrical wires, tight turns, narrow streets, and low bridges, our driver will contact you to arrange a convenient place to pick up and deliver your vehicle. This way, we can protect both your car and our carriers against damage.

Our auto transportation times vary according to factors such as traffic, weather conditions as well as delivery and pick up points. In some cases, unexpected truck breakdowns may delay a trip. Rest assured that Car Geeks will do everything in our power to deliver your car on schedule.

You should check and remove all valuable and personal items that may be inside the car. Car Geeks also recommends that you photograph both the exterior and interior of the car prior to transportation. If possible, our carriers will appreciate it if the car has less than a quarter tank of fuel. This helps decrease the weight they carry while driving from point to point.

Why Should You Work with Car Geeks for Auto Transportation Services?

Here at Car Geeks, we ensure that your car is in safe hands with our knowledgeable and experienced drivers. All our carriers are licensed and insured, and we strive to deliver your car where you want it, when you want it!