You have opted for shipping your car to its final destination. But you feel overwhelmed by the volume of information available. If you’re looking for key steps to take when shipping your car, then read on:

Find a Reliable Auto Shipping Company

There are lots of options out there to pick up. To find a reliable one, start by asking friends and family for recommendations. If that does not give you some useful suggestions, then look for reviews online. You can also check a company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau. 

Still not sure if they are reliable? Ask to see the following to help you decide.

  • Insurance: check the company’s insurance certificate to determine the amount and type of coverage they provide and whether this meets your needs.
  • Licenses: Reliable companies will give you their registration numbers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and U.S. Department of Transportation license (USDOT), depending on whether you are shipping a car within or across state lines.

Cost of Transport

There are a host of factors to consider when you are looking at shipping your car. Depending on what they are, they can impact your shipping price significantly. Here are some factors to think about.

  • Transport Type: Open-air carriers tend to be cheaper than enclosed carriers, which offer more safety.
  • Travel Distance: If your car will be traveling over a longer distance, then this will involve more fuel and labor costs, as well as tolls.
  • Car Specifications: Cars that are smaller and lighter will be cheaper to transport while luxury cars will involve higher shipping costs.
  • Time of Year: Shipping your car during the winter is likely to be cheaper since there may be less demand for services then.

Compare Prices

Once you’ve determined the potential costs involved, look at shipping charges given by two or three companies before you make a decision. Avoid making decisions purely on price. A very low price may look tempting but it can also indicate a company that may be scamming you or comprising safety in transporting your car. 

Beware of companies that ask for a deposit up front. Trustworthy auto shipping companies will not release your car to you at your final destination until payment has been made in full. They will also not ask you for a deposit when you start the process.

Get Your Car Ready

Once you have selected your auto shipping company, it’s time to prepare your car for the move. Here are things to look out for:

  • Remove Personal Items from your Car: This reduces the risk of theft and insurance will not cover missing items.
  • Battery Check: Start your car on its shipping journey with a full battery in place.
  • Fuel Gauge Check: Don’t leave it at over one quarter of a tank full.
  • Tire Check: All tires should be in good condition and fully inflated.

If you follow these steps, both you and your car will be ready for the journey ahead.

If you have any inquiries about our car buying and selling services, do not hesitate to contact us through our website, or call us at 954 533 4566!

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