There is a multitude of reasons why you may be thinking about whether to ship or driving your car. Perhaps you want to get your car home as safely as possible. Or maybe you want to plan a family vacation that includes driving your new car back. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to ship or drive your car, here are some factors to consider:



Shipping a car can get expensive. In fact, it can set you back anywhere from $600 upwards. There are other factors to consider when shipping. Some factors help you save on shipping costs. These include using multicarriers and open-air trailers rather than enclosed ones. Other factors like needing a guaranteed arrival date for your car and door to door services can increase your shipping costs.

You’re just bought your car and you can’t wait to test it out by driving it home. If you thought driving a car across states only involves the cost of gas, think again. Have you factored in road tolls? If your driving time is very long, there’ll be hotel costs that you’ll need to add in. Be sure to factor in all the hidden costs, along with fuel costs, if you’re planning to drive.


A big reason in favor of shipping is the time you will save! And not just in driving time. There are no routes to plan out and motels to book. With shipping a car, you’ll have a guaranteed time frame. All you need to do is make the arrangements and fill out the paperwork to have your car shipped. That’s more time on your hands to work on all the other things you have going on in your busy life. 

If you’re not pressed for time, then driving may be an option to consider. Driving from cost to coast can take at least six days. You might decide to turn the drive home into a mini-vacation and make a few stops on the way to explore new areas. Or perhaps there are unforeseen factors that keep you at a stop for longer than you planned. If you have time on your hands, driving your car gives you the freedom to plan out a trip that works for you and your family.


Shipping is a very safe way of getting your car from one state to another. There’s little wear and tear to your car. By using a reliable auto-transportation carrier, you’re likely to minimize accidents that may damage your car. You’ll also be maintaining your safety and that of your family members by not keeping them on the roads for long periods and making them more vulnerable to traffic accidents. By using enclosed trailers, you can further protect your car from the weather hazards.

There’s a lot at stake if you decide to drive your car across states. There’ll be wear and tear to the vehicle from extended road use. Harsh weather conditions could affect both the exterior and functioning of your car. Your car could be vandalized, broken into or stolen. Breakdowns could also leave you stranded in inconvenient places. There’s also the likelihood of road traffic accidents impacting you, your passengers and your car. 

Making a decision on whether shipping or driving your car is right for you involves thinking about your circumstances and factors. Don’t forget to consider those sneaky hidden elements involved.

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