Buying a used choice can be a great option if you are on a budget. However, there are certain things you need to look out for when buying a used car. 


Consider the Mileage Beyond Its Number 

While mileage is often the first thing most buyers ask about when purchasing a used car. It’s important to note that the number doesn’t tell the whole story. Lower mileage is generally preferred to a higher one as it indicates that the car has more life left in it and has likely seen less wear and tear. However, that’s simply an assumption, and how a car has been maintained can tell you more about its condition than its mileage does.

For instance, a car with high mileage that has been driven mostly on highways and has had all repairs and maintenance done can still serve you well for some time to come. However, if a car has low mileage, it can mean that the rubber and plastic parts are dried out and brittle. Cars with lower mileage can end up costing more in repairs and maintenance, hence always check out the condition beyond its mileage number.   

Check Both Interior and Exterior 

With a used car, you may expect some minor dents and scratches, which are not an issue. However, large areas of damage can be a concern. Additionally, make sure that body panels are evenly lined up and paint jobs are consistent. You will also want to open and close the doors, trunk and hood to make sure they are functioning properly. Ensure that the interior is in good working condition by looking out for wear and tear on the upholstery and any musky smells. 

Check for Leaks

An unusual smell can be a sign of a leak. Check for leaks under the car before purchasing. Black fluids mean that the car is leaking oil, whereas antifreeze can be yellow, pink or green in color. 

Go for a Test Drive

The best way of determining if the car is right for you is by taking it for a test drive. Ensure that all the dashboard warning lights light up when you turn on the ignition. Driving on different kinds of roads and at varying speeds can help to make sure the transmission shifts and brakes are working properly. You will also want to listen out for any unusual tapping or clicking sounds coming from the brakes or engine. 

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